Summer Camps

Mission Statement             

  The philosophy of the Hammond High School Boosters Summer Camp Program is to provide a fun and affordable summer activity for elementary and middle-school aged children who are the next generation of Golden Bear students and athletes. Through these camps we hope to increase the levels of participation, performance and most importantly the community spirit of Hammond’s athletics and club programs. The Hammond Boosters summer camps are designed to introduce students at all levels of experience to Hammond’s athletics and club programs. Campers will get a chance to meet and train with future teammates and coaches. Individual camps will focus on teamwork; introduce campers to the drills, and relevant skills for each sport.

      — Go Bears!

Purchase Camps

 Camps Schedule


 Camp Cost Dates Time Coach Location
 Band $1256/18 – 6/221:30pm-4:30pm (6/18 – 6/19)

9 am – 12 pm (6/20 – 6/22)

 Stephen Dunlap

Band Room
Strings $1256/18 – 6/221:30pm-4:30pm (6/18 – 6/19)

9 am – 12 pm (6/20 – 6/22)

 Elizabeth Reinhardt

Choir Room
Boys Basketball $1256/25,6/27 – 6/301 pm – 4 pm (6/25,6/27-6/29)

9 am – 12 pm (6/30)

Mike Salapata

Football $1256/18 – 6/224 pm – 7 pmShawn Frederick

Turf Field
Boys Soccer $1257/9 – 7/139 am – 12 pmDave Reamer

Turf Field
Volleyball $1257/9 – 7/132 pm – 5 pmAnne Corey

Baseball $1257/30 – 8/39 am – 12 pmCasey Mediary

Baseball Field
Girls Soccer $1257/30 – 8/39 am – 12 pmApril Motaung

Turf Field
Cheerleading $125TBATBAKatelyn Runyen

Aux Gym

Note: All camps are being held at Hammond High School;  Grade level specifications are for Fall 2018.

If you prefer to use a check or do not want to register online, please use the following form: Boosters Summer Camp Info 2018 to mail your registration to the Hammond Boosters.

Refund Policies

100%   Any camps cancelled by Hammond Boosters for any reason.
See note *** below.
95%     If you cancel before May 31, 2018, ($7 Admin Fee)
50%     If you cancel after May 31, 2018
0%       Otherwise.*   Final decision to run each camp will be made by June 15, 2018.   Coaches will contact you with details.
** Contact individual coaches for camp specific inclement weather policy.
***  Camp refunds will be pro-rated if any fraction of a camp is cancelled, e.g. inclement weather.

Campers should bring sneakers and/ or cleats (field) if possible.   Bring sticks if needed for a particular sport.   Campers should also wear clothing appropriate for weather conditions.  Contact coaches prior to camp for camp specific requirements.

For child/dependent care exemptions:

Hammond Boosters non-profit Tax Identifier Number:    27-2613400


HHS Boosters Camps Director
Mike Lerner,